Notice of commodity listing merchant

Dear Commodity Listing Merchant:

When you are ready to apply for the offering and listing of wild ginseng commodities on the Singapore Global Ginseng Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “the Exchange”), please be aware of the following:

  1. If you list wild ginseng commodities (hereinafter “commodities”) on the Exchange, you must follow the rules and regulations of the Exchange.
  2. You must be a lawfully registered legal entity in an area recognized by the Exchange.
  3. Your enterprise qualification shall be audited by the qualification of the third party accounting firm designated by the Exchange and shall provide an audit report not exceeding 6 months during the latest audit period when applying for listing.
  4. You must disclose the details of the commodities in full during the listing process, including but not limited to the origin and grade, to ensure that the documents and information submitted are true, complete and effective.
  5. The commodities to be applied for offering and listing are subject to the inspection and identification of the professional inspection centers designated by the Exchange, and the examination of testimonials or electronic data is provided.
  6. The commodities to be listed for offering and listing shall be deposited in the designated warehousing institution of the Exchange and insured against the commodities.
  7. You must undertake that the commodities to be listed for offering and listing must have legal title, no ownership of any defects, without any pledge, mortgage and other security measures, can be lawfully circulated, transactions.
  8. You have not been in the past three years due to major violations of disciplinary action by the administrative organs of the record.
  9. You do not have a major legal or arbitration case before this offering and listing of the commodities.
  10. You should bear the relevant expenses incurred in the process of offering and listing of the commodities and pay the relevant taxes and fees according to law.