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Bringing Wild Ginseng Market right in front of your Trading Desk!

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Introduction of the Exchange

Bringing Wild Ginseng Right to your Trading Desk

Trade Healthier, Live Wealthier

Singapore Global Ginseng Exchange (SGGEx) is an online marketplace, which connects wild ginseng buyers and seller around the globe. SGGEx helps ginseng consumers around the globe save money and live healthier. Meanwhile, SGGEx provides up-to date and reliable reference price across the wild ginseng market, which create value , either directly or indirectly, to all market players while taking part in a safe, transparent and highly efficient spot commodity market.

How We Got Started

Headquartered in Singapore, Singapore Global Ginseng Exchange (SGGEx), is the world’s first international spot commodity exchange in physically settled wild ginseng. The Exchange platform, the first of its kind globally, will utilize proven exchange technology to create a new marketplace for the global Ginseng trade. By bringing commodity exchange technology to the ginseng market, SGGEx is creating a true price discovery mechanism with increased liquidity, allowing Ginseng to be traded as a standardize commodity.

Operating according to the existing global commodity market standards, SGGEx has successfully established a robust and scalable business ecosystem whose main members include, commodity listing merchant, approved inspection center, approved warehouses, approved insurance companies and settlement banks.To protect the interests of trading members, all listed commodity must possess inspection certificate issued by approved inspection center, China National Ginseng Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and be safely stored in approved warehouse. The Exchange will provide a fair, orderly and transparent marketplace for trading members to acquire and liquidise wild ginseng on a global scale, at market prices driven by real time transactional data.

Versatile spot commodity trading platform

SGGExLive is a cutting-edge platform that combines powerful trading tools for both execution and analysis of the markets in real-time with fast and robust performance, with access to multiple order entry interfaces, trade management tools, and extensive charting and indicator packages.

100% Genuine Wild Ginseng certified by NGPQSIC

China National Ginseng Product Quality Supervision Inspection Center (NGPQSIC) was established on March 27, 2002 in Yanji City, the capital of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province. It is the only “three-in-one” national ginseng product inspection agency in China with national metrology, laboratory and administrative accreditation. As China’s legal ginseng product quality inspection agency, it undertakes the inspection, on-going scientific research, drafting, editing and revising of national standards for ginseng products. In addition, NGQSIC also take charge of Ginseng product supervision and inspection tasks appointed by China’s authority.

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