Dear Trading members:

Please be sure to read all the details of this “Risk Disclosure Statement” and you will need to sign this “Risk Disclosure Statement” before you can open an account in the Singapore Global Ginseng Exchange for trading purposes.

Ginseng commodity spot electronic trading is a trading conducted using a computer network system. There is a certain risk of ginseng commodity spot electronic trading and losses may occur. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether your current business (individual), financial status and economic affordability are suitable for the ginseng commodity spot electronic trading.

If you are determined to participate in the ginseng commodity (hereinafter referred to as “commodity”) spot electronic trading, you should make the following clear points:

1. Because of the global macroeconomic situation and the adjustment of industrial structure and the surrounding countries and regions of Singapore macroeconomic environment changes, the balance of supply and demand of ginseng commodities may be affected, causing sharp fluctuations in the price of ginseng commodities, so that you have the possibility of loss, you must bear the resulting loss;

2. Because of the changes in national laws, regulations and policies, the introduction of emergency measures of the Exchange, and other reasons, the unassigned commodity possessed by you may not be sold or transferred, you must bear the resulting loss;

3. When you are trading commodity, if the market trend is against you, it may be transferred in the event of a loss, and you must bear the resulting losses;

4. You must carefully read and abide by the “Singapore Global Ginseng Exchange Trading Rules” (hereinafter referred to as “Trading Rules”), if you are unable to meet the requirements set out in the Trading Rules, the commodities you hold may be withheld or restricted by the Exchange under the rules, and you must bear the consequences;

5. The Exchange has never and will not authorize any institution or individual to make any guarantees and promises for the profits and losses arising from your participation in the trading on behalf of the Exchange at any time and place in the future. Please carefully analyze the various risk situations that may be brought to you due to the uncertainties of the market changes. At the same time, you must carefully identify all kinds of information and data obtained from marketing;

6. in some market situations, if the market reaches the price of ups and downs, you may be difficult or unable to transfer the commodities held by you, in such cases, you may not be able to make up the total loss, you must bear the resulting loss;

7. In the course of trading, if you have caused your property to be subject to property preservation or enforcement measures by the judiciary due to your own reasons, or you have lost your civil capacity, bankruptcy, dissolution, etc., you will face the risk of early settlement and may cause economic losses to you;

8. Due to force majeure factors such as earthquakes, fires, floods, and wars, as well as uncontrollable and unpredictable system failures of the Exchange, equipment failures, communications failures, power failures, etc. may cause the system to operate abnormally or even paralyzed. These will make your transaction unable to deal or complete and even result in the unfavorable conditions such as the loss of transaction data. You must bear the resulting losses;

9. In the commodity transaction, any guarantee or promise of profit or not loss is unfounded. Profits or losses are at your own risk;

10. Since commodity trading and market indications are achieved through electronic communication technologies and computer technologies, there are many risks to these technologies, and although the Exchange is well prepared to take a number of precautions and remedial measures, it is still possible to incur losses including, but not limited to, the following technical accidents and risks:

a. Due to uncontrollable and unpredictable system failures, equipment failures, communication failures, power failures, network failures and other factors, may cause the system abnormal operation or even paralysis, so that your trading orders are delayed, interrupted, data errors and so on;

b. Because of the possibility that the trading system is attacked by hackers and computer viruses, it may cause system malfunction and make the transaction impossible and the market information error or delay;

c. The data transmission on the Internet may be delayed, interrupted, data error or incomplete due to the busy communication, which causes the delay and interruption of the online transaction;

d. If you lack of online trading experience, you may fail to deal or make mistakes due to improper operation;

e. Your trading password has been compromised or stolen by others.

11. You may suffer losses due to mistakes in sale and purchase of spot commodity etc.; online transactions or hot-key operations are completed, failure to withdraw in a timely manner then leads to losses caused by malicious operations by others; entrusting others to represent transactions, and not paying attention to account changes for a long time, resulting in losses caused by others’ malicious operations, all these losses will be borne by you.

This “Risk Disclosure Statement” does not reveal all the risks involved in the electronic trading of commodities and all the circumstances of the trading market. Therefore, before entering the market, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the Exchange’s “Trading Rules” and related regulations, and to your own economic affordability, risk control, physical and psychological capacity to make an objective judgment on electronic transactions for careful study.

Special Tips :

Singapore Global Ginseng Exchange advises all trading members, the market should recognize the possibility of loss, before you enter the market please carefully read the following well-intentioned content:

1. Please trade rationally according to your own economic conditions. Do not invest in all your assets, do not use the necessary funds for living, housing mortgage loans and other funds to trade; do not cause you or your family life difficulties because of the trading;

2. Please communicate fully with family members and do not cause family conflicts due to this trading;

3. Please choose the spot commodity trading according to your interest and risk tolerance;

4. Please think calmly before trading and use the purchase strategy correctly;

5. Please enhance the relevant knowledge of commodity spot trading, carefully read relevant information such as the “Trading Rules” and improve your ability to resist risks;


6. Please establish a correct trading philosophy and operate rationally.

Market is risky and admission must be cautious !